Are you interested in a heat pump installation in Brampton, ON? Installing a new heat pump or switching to one from an older AC system could be a great investment in your home! More and more homeowners are discovering the incredible benefits of green, electric heat pumps to keep their homes cool in the summers (and even warm in the winter!). Our team at Metro Air Limited is the top option to install heat pump AC systems throughout Brampton and the surrounding areas.

Heat Pumps Are Big in Brampton

The popularity of heat pumps in Brampton has increased over the last few years largely due to their efficiency. You probably understand how a typical air conditioner operates, but are you familiar with heat pumps? If you are getting a new one, what factors will you consider?

You should pick the best heat pump according to various factors.
  • Your summer cooling needs
  • Seasonal energy efficiency ratio (SEER)
  • Heating seasonal performance factor (HSPF)
  • Size of the system in tons
  • Your house’s square footage

If your current AC system is getting older or less reliable, a heat pump is a great option worth considering. Not only can a heat pump perfectly cool your home in the summers, it can also provide supplemental heating in the winters. Our team can also retrofit your gas furnace and AC with a high-efficiency heat pump!