October 20, 2020

No one wants to have to replace their heating system. After all, these units can be quite an investment. In a perfect world, you could install a unit and never have to worry about it again. Like all appliances, however, a furnace can suffer from the natural effects of aging. Plus, how well you treat a system can play a major role in its lifespan.

On average, you can expect a furnace to last about 15 to 20 years. The exact lifespan generally depends on how the owner cares for the unit. With regular maintenance tune-ups, some may even reach 30 years.How Long Will A Typical Furnace Last

The Clogged Filter Example

One of the biggest factors in your system’s longevity is air filter replacement. A dirty filter could lead to the system suffering additional wear and tear. If the air can’t flow through the filter, the system may work harder to force the air through. The extra work adds strain to the unit, which could wear some parts down quicker. Consistently running with added stress could take years off a furnace’s life.

Maintaining the Furnace

A furnace could last longer than its regular expiration date if an owner takes care of it. Having all routine cleaning and maintenance done on time and without delay helps extend furnace life. That said, the furnace could become more inefficient as it ages. No matter how many tune-ups you get, it will eventually become necessary to replace the system. Still, some may want to put that day off as far as reasonably possible. Those who fall under this category should think about signing up for a maintenance contract. Doing so could catch any mechanical or operational issues earlier, or even possibly prevent some issues altogether.

The Annual Cleaning and Inspection

A maintenance agreement typically schedules one or more inspections and cleanings per year. Cleaning the system could improve performance and affords a technician the chance to inspect parts. For example, if the fan appears not to work efficiently, the technician could recommend a fix. “Heads ups” like these help homeowners preserve their system and keep it running efficiently.

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Updating to a New Furnace

After about a decade of use, a furnace usually becomes outdated by current standards. These days, new smart thermostat innovations are contributing to convenience and cost savings. If you notice your heating bills seem to go up, then maybe you should consider buying a new, more energy-efficient furnace.

The wrong-sized furnace could drive up energy bills too. If you discover your furnace cycles on and off repeatedly, the system might be the wrong size. An immediate upgrade might be advisable here.

Signs of Trouble With the Furnace

Other signs may suggest it is worth considering getting a new furnace. An increase in repair visits might indicate the furnace is reaching the end. Worn parts and other problems might lead to frequent breakdowns. Repeatedly fixing an old furnace might not be worth doing.

The unit may work, but not work as it should. Uneven heating in the house could represent a malfunctioning furnace. Again, older furnaces might not be worth repairing. Take the uneven heating as a sign that purchasing a new furnace may be wise.

Ask for an Assessment

When technicians perform thorough inspections, they can provide a report on the furnace’s condition. If you aren’t sure about its remaining life, asking the technician for an assessment could provide answers. When the inspection report shows significant wear and necessary upcoming maintenance, things may point to getting a new heating system.

On the other hand, the inspection might reveal a furnace that’s working exceptionally. If so, then you could avoid buying a new furnace prematurely.

Breakdowns and Hazards

An old, dying furnace could malfunction unexpectedly. Having the furnace go out on a winter night certainly creates a hazard. Pipes might freeze and even worse, they may burst. At some point, replacing the furnace becomes a safety consideration.

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