Heat Pumps in Oakville, ONTurn to us whenever you need help with a heat pump repair in Oakville, ON. The sooner the problems get resolved, the less you’ll have to worry about your climate control system. Perhaps the thermostat is the culprit. Various factors can stop your unit from heating or cooling properly. Fortunately, our comprehensive repair has what it takes to restore damaged units. If you’re ready to replace or upgrade the model you have, you’ll love our budget-friendly heat pump installation. Your new setup will surprise you by quickly maximizing the comfort of your home.

Heat Pump Repair in Oakville

If you no longer feel a sufficient degree of heat, your system may have a clogged component. There could also be a refrigerant leak. Because you’re our customer, you’ll receive not only a spot-on diagnosis but also a turnkey solution. Our thorough approach to every heat pump repair delivers satisfactory results. After the repair work is done, you can expect your climate control system to run reliably again.

Heat Pump Repair in Oakville

Common signs that indicate a problem include:
  • Constant short cycling
  • No cool air
  • Loud banging or screeching
  • Strange smells

Without enough refrigerant, your heat pump can’t do its job right. This liquid is essential to the unit, and only EPA-certified technicians can address a refrigerant issue. Trust us to handle the job without putting your family at risk. Getting your system up and running is our top priority. That’s why you’ll receive 24/7 emergency support from us. Don’t panic because of equipment failure. Installing a brand-new heating and cooling system is the next best option. It’s easier for our customers to make a big purchase because we offer excellent financing options on approved credit. On a convenient day, your heat pump installation project will be carried out swiftly.

Top Heat Pump Installation Company

Don’t ignore your heating or cooling concerns anymore. You’ll get fast and honest help at Metro Air Limited. Since our beginning in 1954, we’ve held ourselves to exacting standards to establish the top-notch reputation that we have. You should know that our family-owned and -operated company is committed to 100% customer satisfaction. You’ll find us at 15 Edvac Dr. Whenever we come to your home, we will respect it. You’re important to us, so we’re eager to ensure your comfort all year in Oakville. Our qualified technicians are highly trusted in Halton Region.

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