Helpful Links

For your convenience, we have provided some helpful links and resources from around the web that may assist you in the decision making process of your new home heating or cooling system purchase.

Fuel Safety

Stay Safe and Be CO Savvy! Important Safety Information from the TSSA

Valuable Safety Information That Can Protect You and Your Loved Ones

Indoor Air Quality

Indoor Air Quality - Natural Resource Canada Pick List

Indoor Air Pollutants - Health Canada

Mould, Dampness, and Humidity - Health Canada

Ozone - Health Canada

Ozone From "So Called" Portable Air Purifiers - Health Canada Purifiers_Under_01292008.shtml

MetroAir Indoor Air Quality Blog

Energy Savings

Home Heating System Cost Calculator - Natural Resources Canada

Other Information

Canadian Energy Efficiency Centre

Clean Air Foundation

Natural Resources Canada Office of Energy Efficiency


Conservation Action Team (Ministry of Energy)

Conservation Council of Ontario

Cool Shops

Doors Closed Ontario!



Home Improvement 411